Light & Sound Show


Ticket Information

  • Adults: INR 50
  • Children: INR 25
  • Day Operational: All Days of the Week
  • Timings & Language: 2 Shows at 6:00pm (Hindi) & 7:15pm (English - Monday, Wednesday & Friday, other days Hindi)

The main tourist highlight for this place is the light and sound show which is conducted in the premises itself. The show takes you back to the times when these empty cells had prisoners residing in them. The show brings out the struggles of life and tortures faced by the prisoners in the most artistic way possible. The show is all about narrating the incidents of our history pertaining to the Andaman in a chronological order.

The format includes the dialogues by inmates and Britishers. The proper use of spot lights and the narration in the voice of the actor, Late Shri Om Puri under the old peepal tree just adds on to the whole vibe in that particular atmosphere. Attending this show will give you a ride through the darkest chapter of India’s independence struggle. It will take you through the actual hardships the people faced who were just rebelling against British colonization in India somehow.

At the end of it you’ll be left feeling even more patriotic and touched by the kind of struggles our freedom fighters have gone through to obtain the freedom we enjoy today.